To bring out the beauty of the designs, we have developed a unique hand-finish, which combines multi-layers of paint colors to create our “Special Finishes.” Every item we make is available in any special finish. Items are painted at time of order to insure uniformity and consistency for the entire order (everything ordered will be from the same lot similar to fabric dye lots or wallpaper runs). Of course, as with all hand-painted items, some variation is expected.

In addition to Special Finishes, we also offer two basic finishes for our finials, rods, brackets and rings. The basic finishes are in colors of matte brown and matte black and they offer substantial resistance to scratches and abrasion. These colors are applied in a high tech, environmentally friendly facility using automated lines to thoroughly clean and prepare the metal pieces for this baked- on powder coated finish. The result is a very durable and consistent finish. Using the baked on basic finish as a base coat, the hand-applied special finishes may then be applied to only the finial, or to the whole rod, brackets and rings. Always use extra care in handling for any special finish product, as only the solid black and solid brown colors are baked on.

Drapery rods have three price points which increase in cost with the amount of hand finishing required: Rod & Finials in Basic Finish; Rod in Basic Finish & Finial in Special Finish; or, Rod & Finial in Special Finish.

The following chart gives a listing of our Basic and Special Finishes available. To assist in determining attractive combinations, the Brown rods look best with the Special Finishes listed under its column, and Black rods are best combined with the Special Finishes fisted under its column. To specify a color, use the two-letter code next to the color name, for example, AB for Antique Brown. Every item ordered must include the finish color. Since drapery rods come packaged as sets, including rod and finial, the colors of both the rod and finial must be specified. Our convention is rod color then finial color. A black rod with gold leaf finials would be specified as BL-GL. A solid black rod set would be BL-BL.

The Special Finishes may be customized for an extra charge. While we do not offer custom color matching to your fabric, we do offer the ability to add more or less of a color already present in a Special Finish. There is a one-time charge of $50 for preparation of color samples for you to select from, as well as an additional charge of 10% of the order total. Order item# Custom-Color, and describe the special finish and change desired. Add about 2 weeks to our normal delivery times.

Below is a chart of our available colors. Below each chip is the name of the color and the corresponding color code.

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