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Leaf Scroll, Lg.    Style- 2940-LG    Material- Aluminum

Size- 48" x 9"H                 Finish Shown- Washed Gold


Vineyard, Lg.    Style- 2405-LG    Material- Aluminum

Size- 39.75" x 10"H      Finish Shown- Antique Brown


Rose, Lg.    Style- 2714-LG    Material- Aluminum

Size- 36.5" x 9.25"H     Finish Shown- Gilded Iron


Oak & Acorn, Lg.    Style- 2264-LG    Material- Aluminum

Size- 34" x 17"H                      Finish Shown- Olde Black


Acanthus, Lg.    Style- 2422-LG    Material- Aluminum

Size- 44" x 12.75"H              Finish Shown- Gold Leaf


Ivy, Lg.    Style- 2100-LG         Material- Aluminum

Size- 33.75" x 13.5"H    Finish Shown- Green Forest


Chateau, Lg.    Style- 2555-LG    Material- Aluminum

Size- 29" x 11"H         Finish Shown- Antique Pewter


Fruite Bouquet, Lg.    Style- 2100-LG    Material- Aluminum

Size- 31" x 12.5"H                 Finish Shown- Bronzed Wood


Montclaire, Lg.    Style- 2040-LG    Material- Aluminum

Size- 29.25" x 7"H          Finish Shown- Bronzed Wood


Espirit, Lg.    Style- 2042-LG    Material- Aluminum

Size- 31" x 8.5"H      Finish Shown- Bronzed Wood

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