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Guaranteed RUSH Program

For guaranteed production times, request a RUSH at time of order. We will expedite your order through our factory and make every possible effort to insure your order is shipped on time or sooner. Our performance for RUSH orders is very near 100 % on time.

Additional fees are as follows, subject to a minimum $25 Rush Fee:

 Item                      Description                                Amount

 Rush 7       Shipment in 7 workdays or sooner            add 20%

 Rush 5       Shipment in 5 workdays or sooner            add 35%

 Rush 3       Shipment in 3 workdays or sooner            add 50%

Should a RUSH order run late, we will pay for UPS air as necessary to make up the delay so that you will receive your order on time. For example, you place the order on a 5-7 day rush, and we run 1 day late at our factory; we will send the order by 2nd day air if you requested 3rd day air when your order was placed. You will be billed our rush charge and 3rd day air; we pay the difference to upgrade to 2nd day air. Should we miss our due date and not be able to make-up the lost time by accelerating the transit times; then our guarantee is a full refund of the Rush fees. No other allowances or deductions may be claimed.

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